Taking on Responsibility

Working differently: Employees of Fresenius Kabi Germany donate time

April 13, 2018

Switching laptops and phones for tools is part of a job for Fresenius Kabi Germany employees: Once a year, during the “AktivHelfen-Tage" (Active Helping Days), they donate their time to help at social institutions.

Fresenius Kabi Germany employees donate their time during the AktivHelfen-Tage

Bringing joy and gratitude: Fresenius Kabi Germany colleagues supported the Children’s Village Albert-Schweitzer in Wetzlar, Germany.

Fresenius Kabi Germany gives its employees one day off per year to get involved in the Active Helping Days. The initiative was launched in 2013, and up until today, Fresenius Kabi has supported more than 40 facilities. The Children’s Village Albert-Schweizer in Wetzlar, Germany, is one institution that benefits from the Fresenius Kabi employees’ support – for the second time after 2016.

Fresenius Kabi Germany employees donate their time during the

Once a year, employees of Fresenius Kabi Germany donate their time to help at social institutions.

During the Active Helping Days in 2017, the Fresenius Kabi employees supported the Children’s Village in the construction of a new playground. Despite the 33 degrees Celsius temperature, employees plastered a climbing wall made of boulders and dug a ditch for a water pipe donated by Fresenius Kabi Germany.

The Children’s Village Albert-Schweitzer is a curative education and therapeutic facility for youth welfare. It has different inpatient, part-inpatient, and outpatient facilities for children, young people and families. Christian Schäfer, Marketing Director at Fresenius Kabi Germany, said, “Facilities, such as the Children’s Village Albert-Schweitzer, need our support. Seeing the children’s bright eyes at the end of the day and the feeling of having done something good was worth every minute.”

Further Active Helping Days will take place in 2018.