IV Therapy: Life-Saving Medicines Used in Everyday Hospital Care

Our IV drugs and infusion therapy products save millions of lives every year – in emergency medicine, surgery, and intensive care.

What is most important in a hospital? The patients. The doctors and nurses. The operating rooms and wards. The advanced diagnostic equipment. All important, but one crucial thing is often overlooked and undervalued: IV drugs and infusion therapy. No emergency room, surgery, ward or intensive care unit could function without IV fluids to prevent dehydration and life-threatening blood loss, as well as without important IV drugs. 

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IV therapy offers healthcare professionals a reliable and effective way to administer infusion solutions and medicines intravenously. It is commonly used in hospitals and ambulatory environments because it is easy to dose and can act quickly. IV therapy can be administered by a pump on dosage control, by gravity drip or by bolus injection. We work together with healthcare professionals to fully understand how we can improve our products in order to make their daily work easier. One such example is injectable drugs available as prediluted ready-to-administer dosage form in infusion bags or bottles, pre-filled syringes or custom implementation for individual dosing. Ready-to-administer products eliminate preparation steps of the IV drugs and enable healthcare professionals to react quickly and safely, especially during emergency situations. 

Fresenius Kabi is one of the leading providers of high-quality products for IV therapy worldwide with decades of experience. Our IV therapy products fall into two main groups: IV drugs and fluids. Both are essential components of modern healthcare and support medical professionals every day in caring for critically ill patients.

IV fluids for almost every situation in hospital life

It’s often the most familiar things that get the least attention – but not at Fresenius Kabi. We give our IV fluids the consideration they deserve because we recognize how essential they are to daily life in healthcare.

In emergencies, patients may be in a life-threatening situation, suffering from blood loss or dehydration. With the help of our IV fluids, healthcare professionals can restore this fluid loss. Depending on what is needed, they can use our electrolyte solutions and colloids, which we offer in a vast variety of sizes and different containers. They are reliable, easy to use, and quick to deliver.

~1.4 billion units of IV fluids sold annually

IV drugs for different therapeutic areas

We have an extensive portfolio of IV drugs that specializes in therapeutic areas such as anesthesia and analgesia, oncology, as well as anti-infectives and other critical care drugs. Based on our commitment to quality and excellence, we have established ourselves as one of the largest manufacturers of injectable drugs for hospitals globally.

IV drugs & infusion therapy

>160 IV drugs in portfolio

With a portfolio of more than 160 IV drugs, Fresenius Kabi provides comprehensive products for a wide range of medical conditions and are amongst the largest hospital supplier of IV generic drugs in many of the countries we operate in. We are dedicated to improving patient care by delivering reliable, high-quality medicines. 


We specialize in oncology products supported by an integrated formulation development, manufacturing, regulatory, sales, marketing, and distribution set-up. Our broad portfolio of IV drugs in oncology mainly comprises of injectables in the form of concentrate and lyophilized powder. Treating everything from solid tumors to etymological malignancies, we are pursuing a strategic plan for even more cancer treatment products in the future.


We provide clinicians with various affordable anti-infective molecules for serious infection treatments. With so many options, healthcare providers can find the best option for their patients at any given moment. Our portfolio of anti-infective drugs includes antibiotics and antibacterials, as well as antifungals and antivirals.

Anesthetics and analgesics

We supply a diverse selection of products for general and local anesthesia, as well as neuromuscular-blocking and its reversal agents. Our broad portfolio in the therapeutic area also includes opioids, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and anxiolytics, giving healthcare professionals a range of options for pain management and anxiety relief during medical procedures. 

Critical care drugs

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of drugs to address various aspects of critical conditions. Our range for IV drugs includes anticoagulants to prevent and treat blood clotting disorders, cardiovascular drugs, antiemetics to manage nausea and vomiting, and central nervous system (CNS) drugs for neurological conditions, and more.

At Fresenius Kabi, we understand the importance of comprehensive healthcare solutions. Beyond our diverse range of IV drugs and fluids, we are also one of the largest manufacturers of IV bags in the world, which feature a unique port design to ensure safety and convenience. We aim to provide a comprehensive range of system critical IV therapies, maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety to support daily work in hospitals.

We take a holistic approach in the entire treatment. Following this approach, we also manufacture devices and disposables to administer infusion solutions and medicines.

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Meeting modern healthcare needs through innovative approaches

Fresenius Kabi has had a strong presence in pharmaceutical markets over many years. With approximately 1.2 billion units of IV drugs sold in 2022, we have many customers who rely on the availability of our products to continue to care for patients. As such, supply chain stability plays a critical role in our business.

Within our production network, we established a multisource concept: a global network of production facilities that produce our containers and solutions under the same overall principles and guidelines. Various sites can supply vital products with the same quality and specification. 

Whether in production, research, or clinical application, safety always comes first. To ensure this, we have installed a special safety concept. The goal of all measures is always to ensure that our products are safe – both for the patient and for the person administering them. For example, we employ a user-friendly color safety concept for all of our packaging. This color system is complying with national and international standards. We also offer needle-free connectors to help reduce the risk of accidental needle punctures (and consequent infections) for healthcare professionals. We also developed OncoShield to offer maximum safety for people working with cytotoxic drugs. OncoShield vial sleeves are protected against breakage from impact during transport and for use in pharmacy settings.

Outstanding quality defines all facets of our work, and our Research & Development Team is constantly scrutinizing our own processes in order to optimize wherever possible. And for us, innovation goes far beyond launching new generic products on the market on a continuous basis. We modify existing products and adapt them for faster and more efficient use based on the evolving needs of healthcare professionals. At the end of the day, this saves valuable time, which healthcare professionals can then use for the care of their patients.

Why do we care – and for whom?

Our high-quality products for IV therapy are in action day and night all over the world, saving the lives of people in need and providing appropriate treatment for critically ill patients. That is why our mission is caring for life.

We touch almost 450 million patient lives each year, making Fresenius Kabi a notable player in the global healthcare system. And it’s more than a number – it’s people.

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