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Room to develop and drive your career

There is no better time to join us on our mission to shape and positively impact the future of global healthcare than now. With so many new social, market, and technological developments, we are looking for a wide range of qualified and motivated talents who are ready to make a difference with us. Together we take on challenges and together we grow by facing new challenges. As a global provider of crucial healthcare products and services meant to enhance the quality of life for those who need it most, we are at the forefront of care. And we want you to be a part of it. Join our international team of experts, inventors, innovators, and dedicated professionals in establishing and advancing the quality of healthcare for everyone. Start your career with us and be part of our global success story.

A solid foundation for your career

Any successful career not only rests on the drive and talent of the individual but also on the current and future performance of the company they work for. Our continual expansion into new markets and robust financial performance has led to continued organic growth. A diverse product and service portfolio, sound investment in future market sectors, and an executive leadership team with a concrete and measurable corporate vision ensure that we will continue to develop our business offerings to a broader market base. All these factors provide the solid foundation potential employee may be looking for in a company, as well as a wide range of personally rewarding careers and advancement opportunities.

Leading by example

What we believe in

For us, providing our global teams with a motivating, transparent, and rewarding work atmosphere clearly is a top priority. That is why our approach to any job, project, service, or personal interaction between colleagues or business partners is based on a foundation of values that flow throughout our company and beyond. As an ethical “roadmap”, they guarantee our promise of creating a fair, productive, and open work environment and our commitment to offering our customers the best service and product performance.

Friendly relationship between caregiver and happy eldery woman during nursing at home. Senior services and geriatric care concept.

Our values


We work with and for each other. We encourage and welcome different ideas and perspectives to achieve the best possible results.


We foster creative thought. Whether working independently or in a team, we always strive for the best solution for everyone involved.

Customer Focus

We put customers first and take the time to understand their needs and help them reach their goals.


We strive for the best solution and offer a wide range of internationally respected products and services.


We are trustworthy in every aspect and work with respect, transparency, and reliability.

Passion and Commitment

We care from our core and are committed to our mission of enhancing the quality of patients’ lives everywhere.

Integrity and respect all the way

Our code of conduct

As a Fresenius Kabi employee, you can expect to be treated with the care, consideration, and respect everyone deserves on and off the job. We welcome everyone who wants to start a promising career with us, regardless of gender, race, beliefs, orientation, nationality, or lifestyle. We are proud of our diversity, see it as one of our strengths and hold all our global business operations to the highest ethical and compliance standards. 

Our ambition to become a top employer

Attracting the best talent across the globe and becoming an employer of choice is integral to Vision 2026, Fresenius Kabi’s strategic framework to transform the company for the decade to come. An important milestone is reached: Fresenius Kabi has received Top Employer Certificates from the renowned Top Employers Institute in Austria, China, Dominican Republic, India, the Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Switzerland and the USA. In an extensive certification process, Fresenius Kabi was evaluated by a HR-Best-Practices survey covering six areas with more than 250 questions in total. Topics covered in the survey include people strategy, work environment, talent acquisition, diversity, inclusion, wellbeing and more.

Fresenius Kabi Earns Top Employer Certification in Nine Countries

"It's not just a job - it's more than that"