Medical Technologies for Nutrition, Infusion, Cell Therapies & Blood Collection

At Fresenius Kabi, we support healthcare providers with life-saving medicines and technologies. Together, we are continuously working to find answers to patients’ challenges. Our medical technologies are designed to help make complex therapies simpler and safer while breaking new ground. 

We support healthcare professionals to provide patients with the best possible care. With our comprehensive products and expertise, we facilitate a solid foundation for the highest quality care and recovery. We’ve been passionately committed to improving worldwide healthcare for many years with our pioneering medical technology solutions.

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MedTech as part of the patient journey

To best serve our patients and healthcare professionals, we focus on what they really need. To this end, we work closely with experts and users in different countries to understand their diverse priorities. Our products and services are used by medical professionals across the care continuum – from research labs and blood and plasma collection centers to hospitals, long-term care facilities, alternate care sites, clinics, and homes.

25% of the world’s blood donations are collected in our blood bags

> 1 million installed base of infusion pumps globally

Our integrated solutions enable better equipment usage and management and, thanks to advanced connectivity, offer simple and effective data management with state-of-the-art software. This user-friendly and robust yet simple-to-use system improves various hospital workflows. 

To ensure quality, we monitor and continuously optimize the applicability, effectiveness, and safety of our products and services. We strive for the best quality and best solution – and we’ll always go the extra mile. How? Through personal contact, listening, understanding concerns, and looking for solutions. 

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Our success is based on the fact that we don’t simply manufacture products. Instead, we listen to our customers and take their input to generate solutions to improve clinical outcomes, patient safety, and process efficiency.

Dr. Christian Hauer, President MedTech 

Christian Hauer

A holistic approach for nutritional and infusion therapies

As one of the world’s leading providers of nutritional and infusion therapies, we prioritize providing patients with the best possible support. We have a comprehensive understanding of clinical application because, in addition to our medical nutrition, IV drugs, and intravenous solutions, we offer products that are used to administer these therapies. Our devices, such as pumps and disposables, ensure proper treatment administration.

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Our devices product portfolio includes: 

  • Enteral nutrition pumps
  • Administration disposables like enteral giving sets and enteral syringes
  • Enteral body access devices like transnasal and percutaneous feeding tubes
  • Infusion pumps
  • Software and connectivity solutions infusion and nutrition pumps   
  • Anesthesia monitoring devices and dedicated sensors
  • Dedicated infusion and transfusion sets
  • Wide range of accessories 
  • Syringes infusion filter
  • Ports and port needles

Partner in Nutrition: Oncology, intensive care, nephrology, surgery, pediatrics, geriatrics, and nursing – malnutrition is relevant in numerous medical fields and poses a significant challenge in hospital and nursing environments.

Infusion therapy is one of the most important therapeutic methods in inpatient and outpatient care, because: 

Up to 80%* of all patients require infusion
during their hospital stay.


Our primary goal is to ensure that the appropriate medications and nutritional components reach the patient through the correct and effective channels for optimal clinical outcomes. We understand patients’ and providers’ needs alike and work to ensure that our products complement each other as much as possible.

Blood and plasma centers in MedTech: focused on the donor experience

Fresenius Kabi provides blood centers with a full suite of apheresis technologies that help specialists efficiently collect their community’s most needed components so patients can receive the blood components they need. We bring together clinicians, scientists, and engineers dedicated to understanding the challenges of therapeutic apheresis. Since we know that every blood donation matters, we aim to provide the highest level of comfort for donors. Sophisticated equipment design, customizable blood bag systems, and a digital network all help ensure an efficient and safe blood donation process. 

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Our product portfolio includes:

  • Blood collection and processing: blood bag systems and blood processing equipment
  • Apheresis: platelet and red blood cell (RBC) collection devices and therapeutic apheresis applications
  • Plasma: devices for collecting plasma
  • Autotransfusion: systems for intraoperative and postoperative autotransfusion
  • Cell processing: laboratory systems for washing cells
Tailored training, technical troubleshooting, and expert guidance, all while taking individual needs into account – that’s what customer-centric work means to us.

Dean Gregory, President Commercial Operations MedTech

Dean Gregory

Cell therapies: breakthrough medical technologies that help shape the future of medicine

Our technologies support cell therapy laboratories and researchers with innovative, automated cell processing systems. This is where the cutting-edge of medicine lives, assisting researchers and scientists who are finding cures for previously incurable diseases. From the start of research to the full commercialization and standardization of cell therapy, our technology enables fast, precise, and flexible procedures. Even though our cell therapy products are customized, it is important to develop standardized processes for rapid, cost-effective, and reliable use.

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