A Continuation of Excellence as a Top Employer in 2024

Fresenius Kabi Earns Top Employer Certification in Nine Countries

January 18, 2024

At the heart of Fresenius Kabi's Vision 2026 lies a commitment to attracting top talent globally and establishing itself as an Employer of Choice. In the pursuit of this vision, we are delighted to announce that Fresenius Kabi has been recognized with the prestigious Top Employer Certificates by the esteemed Top Employers Institute in Austria, China, Dominican Republic, India, the Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Switzerland and the United States.

A Commitment to Excellence

In the rigorous certification process conducted by the Top Employers Institute, Fresenius Kabi underwent an HR-Best-Practices survey encompassing six crucial areas with over 250 questions in each country to be certified. The recognition reflects not only a commitment to our employees but also our dedication to continuous improvement and adherence to best practices in the industry.

A Strong Global Presence

Building on last year's success, Fresenius Kabi has now received Top Employer Certificates in a total of nine countries for 2024. This global recognition underlines the company's unwavering commitment to providing a positive work environment and fostering a culture that prioritizes the well-being, development, and diversity of its workforce.

Strategic Excellence and Development

Fresenius Kabi stands out in the "Steer" domain, emphasizing the strong link between corporate and HR strategies and their effective implementation. This achievement is a direct reflection of the solid foundation anchored in Vision 2026. Furthermore, the excellent ranking in the "Develop" category highlights the company's outstanding efforts to promote employee careers and continuous learning.

Vision 2026: Driving Excellence

The Vision 2026 framework, grounded in three pillars, continues to drive Fresenius Kabi towards excellence. It involves developing the portfolio and foster growth to capitalize on industry trends, improving global competitiveness through state-of-the-art business processes, and becoming a more agile organization rooted in values and leadership to be an Employer of Choice.

Top Employers Institute: A Global Authority

The Top Employers Institute, established over 30 years ago, is the global authority on recognizing excellence in People Practices. By participating in the Top Employers Institute Certification Program, Fresenius Kabi joins the league of 2,200 organizations in 121 countries and regions positively impacting the lives of over 9.5 million employees globally.

In conclusion, Fresenius Kabi's reiteration as a Top Employer in nine countries in 2024 not only reflects a commitment to excellence but a pledge to foster a workplace where employees thrive. As we celebrate this achievement, we remain steadfast in our dedication to becoming the Employer of Choice globally, guided by the principles of Vision 2026.

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