A Cup of Black Tea with Iris

How does the Production Supervisor from the Dominican Republic make a difference every day? Read on to find out!

Early in the morning, Iris Brujan walks into “La Casa Grande”, Fresenius Kabi’s production facility in Haina, Dominican Republic. She settles down with her laptop, a small cup of black tea and a bright smile on her face. “I have a busy day ahead, so I’ll be quick with my tea and get to work,” she says and starts right into it. Within a few minutes, she is meeting with her team to discuss latest developments and brief them for their day. After that, she changes into her cleanroom gear and joins them on the production floor to advise and lead them. 

As Production Supervisor, Iris’ job is making a difference – to her team and to patients around the world. On the production floor, this means making sure that safety measures for her team are up to speed. But on the grand scale, Iris helps ensure good treatment for thousands of patients: “One of my main tasks is to safeguard the quality of products for my area of responsibility. I have an eye on the raw materials and finished products and make sure that quality control processes are followed.” In other words: with her work, Iris makes sure that patients receive optimal products for optimal treatment results.

When Iris talks about these different aspects of her job, one can’t help but see how proud she is of what she does. “For eight hours every day, I have the opportunity to have a real impact on people’s lives.” On top of that, Iris and her group embody the communal spirit of La Casa Grande: “I care about my team and they care about me and our common goals. That’s why we achieve our results every single day. I am truly blessed.”

Iris Brujan

Want to know more about Iris?

We asked her a few questions:

What is your favorite part about working at Fresenius Kabi?

The satisfaction of knowing that you are part of the processes that save lives.

What did you learn at Fresenius Kabi so far?

To value the best resource: "People", and the commitment and responsibility with which we carry out what we do.

What is special about working in your team?

That you can instruct and learn at the same time, collaborating hand in hand with your team.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spending time with my children is what gives my life the most meaning, enjoying a chocolate and strawberry ice cream is the best!

What does “caring for life” mean to you?

To love doing each task with responsibility and commitment.

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