A Hot Chocolate with Stéphane

Follow Production Team Manager Stéphane Nonche through his workday and experience the spirit of teamwork at Fresenius Kabi.

Today we are travelling to beautiful Normandy and the Fresenius Kabi production site at Louviers. It’s early in the morning, but Production Team Manager Stéphane Nonche is full of energy. He is gathering his team around him, greeting everyone with a loud “good morning!”. Then he goes straight into the first task: He organizes the team’s work for the day and off they go to the production line.

“I also started in production, almost 25 years ago,” Stéphane explains during a short break with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. “I moved through different positions and have been a team lead for five years now. I like fostering teamwork. Our team is very close, there is a lot of solidarity. We achieve our goals all together. That’s what I like best about my job.”

Back in the building, Stéphane goes around the production floor, checking in with his team. At the end of the day, he reviews the batch record, a file containing data on everything that has been produced in the day. This is a crucial step in the production and quality control process. Even after a day of walking the production floor, Stéphane is full of energy and focus. “My work throughout the day is really varied,” says Stéphane. “I have analytical tasks and I work with people. For me, it’s a satisfying mix.” 

Stéphane Nonche

Want to know more about Stéphane?

We asked him a few questions:

What’s great about my team

Easy integration of newcomers and strong solidarity!

When I was a child, I wanted to become…

… a baker.

What I have learned at Fresenius Kabi:

To take on challenges. And to achieve them!

What “caring for life” means to me:

It means that we are aware that we are always working for the patients.

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