Ivenix Infusion System Receives Glowing Review by KLAS Research

February 9, 2023

KLAS Research was founded to drive change in the healthcare industry, and we share their passion for excellence. That is why we are thrilled that the Ivenix Infusion System is the subject of a recent KLAS Spotlight Report. This First Look Performance Insight report examines and shares customer experiences from healthcare organizations currently using Ivenix Infusion System in the U.S. The results just came in and showed that customers are highly satisfied with their experience.

Ivenix, acquired in 2022 by Fresenius Kabi, offers a technologically advanced infusion system, including a large-volume pump, infusion management, software tools, applications, and analytics to inform care, advance efficiency, reduce infusion-related errors, and drive down the total cost of ownership. Every aspect of it was intentionally designed to streamline workflows, ease the burden on clinical staff, and, most importantly, protect patients from errors.

Read the entire article to see how Ivenix is changing the face of infusion delivery by giving clinicians the satisfaction of staying focused on their patients.

Ivenix Infusion System in hospital