Ten Years of Blood Donation Activity Across China – “Caring for Life” at Its Best

July 4, 2022

For ten years, our colleagues of Fresenius Kabi China have been organizing nationwide blood donation activities with an increasing number of participation year on year: More than 4,000 employees and their family members participated and donated more than, 1,000 units of apheresis platelets and 404,000 units of whole blood. The activity provides positive effect for the safety of blood supply in China. Our employees of Fresenius Kabi practice our mission “caring for life” and help more patients through this meaningful activity.

George Zhou, Vice President of Fresenius Kabi China and Head of MedTech China, said: “For the past ten years, we have been publicizing the necessity of blood donation to the public by our corporate influence. And, we devote ourselves to providing a safe environment for blood donation and blood using in the industry. That is why we will keep on practicing, inheriting, and developing the spirit of blood donation, which bring hope to more patients.” 

In 2022, the activity was held in 54 cities over the country and over 1,500 employees and their family members donated more than 135 units of apheresis platelets and 137,000 units of whole blood. The passionate volunteers’ selfless actions give the best annotation about “caring for life”.