Vision 2026 – Fresenius Kabi’s Healthy Growth Journey

January 4, 2023

Caring for life – this is the mission we at Fresenius Kabi take on responsibly and live by every day. The contribution every employee makes through their daily work has major influence on the quality of life for our patients. To take on this responsibility, be and stay a successful company, a sustainable growth path was developed: Fresenius Kabi’s Vision 2026.

Vision 2026 – ready for the decade to come

Vision 2026 is Fresenius Kabi’s framework to transform the company for the decade to come. It expresses long term goals and expectations. It directs the growth and investment path, increases the global competitiveness, advances organizational health, and develops the next generation of Fresenius Kabi’s leaders.

The framework for healthy growth

The framework is based on four pillars. First: Develop the portfolio to capitalize on key market and industry trends for us to capture future growth opportunities. Second: Going more actively after those opportunities in all regions by increased focus. Third: Improving our competitiveness by deploying state-of-the-art business processes and operating models to also improve the cost position continuously. Fourth: Clearly advance organizational health, sustainably rooted in values and leadership.

Cultural Change – lived by everyone everyday

Vision 2026 further entails a cultural change. The passion and commitment of employees are the major strengths of the company. This dedication is the base of all success – in past and future. To envision the program and give more information, a roadshow started in end of 2022. The Vision 2026 Project Team started holding Vision 2026 Town Halls in Brazil, Dominican Republic and North America. You can find out more about what employees say about the program in the following video: