JUMPstart 2022 – Committed to Driving Research in Clinical Nutrition

Third wave of Fresenius Kabi’s research grant in clinical nutrition is starting

December 12, 2022

Caring for chronically and critically ill patients as well as patients after major surgeries is at the heart of Fresenius Kabi. To further nurture research in nutrition, the third wave of JUMPstart, Fresenius Kabi’s educational program, starts. 20 participants from 15 countries covering Asia Pacific, Latin America and Europe, made it into the program. They take training modules and have intense exchange with the Scientific Committee that first decided on the 20 participants and later upon the winner of the €250,000 research grant. This prize will be used for research in nutrition to further contribute to the advancement in nutrition therapy in critically and chronically ill patients. 

“It is great to see that we have many well-trained professionals joining our JUMPstart program”, says Prof. Dr. Martin Westphal, Chief Medical officer, Executive Vice President. ‘’With our JUMPstart educational program, we support the generation of new clinical experts and the further advancement of clinical nutrition across the globe. Having solid research, a reliable professional network and discussing and sharing knowledge is key to take the next steps in nutrition therapy for patients worldwide.” ​​​​​

This year’s independent international scientific committee consists of five field-leading experts: Professor Mette Berger (Switzerland), Professor Olav Rooyackers (Sweden), Professor Tim Friede (Germany), Professor Robert Martindale (USA) and Professor Ho-Seong Han (South Korea).

JUMPstart Alumni is in place

​​​​​​​During the exchange with the last two international JUMPstart waves, the teams gained new research ideas and addressed clinical practice issues in daily work. To further enhance this knowledge exchange, an Alumni group started in 2022 supporting the networking between the professional participants. This helps identifying unsolved topics in clinical nutrition and provides an ongoing discussion as well as education forum for practical solutions helping clinicians to provide better patient care.

What is JUMPstart?

JUMPstart is an education program and research grant that aims to nurture research in the field of clinical nutrition through the mentoring, education and networking of key experts in the area of nutrition, such as clinicians and researchers. The grant of € 250,000 is awarded to help to advance novel, community-led research in clinical nutrition, to make a difference for critically ill patients.