Giving Life, One Donation at a Time

Celebrating World Blood Donor Day with a Legacy of Saving Lives

June 14, 2024

At Fresenius Kabi, we believe in making a difference where it matters most – in the lives of people. Our products are at the heart of healthcare, for instance our vital blood bag systems and blood processing equipment. Remarkably, we produce 25% of the blood bags used worldwide, making us a cornerstone of the global blood supply.

We know that every blood donation can be a lifeline for someone in need. That’s why we are dedicated to providing donors with the highest level of comfort and care. Our sophisticated equipment and customizable blood bag systems help ensure a smooth, safe, and efficient donation process. We want every donor to feel valued and confident that their contribution is making a real impact.

Blood donation is more than just a cause for us; it’s part of who we are. Every year, Fresenius Kabi hosts numerous blood drives around the world, and it’s incredibly inspiring to see our employees, along with their families and friends, come together to donate. This year, already over 1,000 participants joined our blood drives, collecting hundreds of units of blood. Recognizing that a single donation can save up to three lives, our collective efforts make an invaluable impact.

Blood Donation Activity at Fresenius Kabi

A selection of remarkable initiatives around the globe

From January to the end of May, Fresenius Kabi China hosted Blood Donation Day activities in multiple cities across the country. This year's campaign saw 800 participants in total, donating 52 units of platelets and around 49 liters of whole blood. On top of that, Fresenius Kabi China is also advocating for voluntary blood donation among young people every year on Youth Day since 2013. Over the past 12 years, a total of 5,726 participants have donated 1,242 units of platelets and 514 liters of whole blood.

At our headquarters in Bad Homburg, Germany, around 100 colleagues came together on May 15 to donate blood, including Dr. Christian Hauer, President of Fresenius Kabi MedTech.

Fresenius Kabi India successfully completed a blood donation camp on May 17, collaborating with Jankalyan Blood Centre at its Pune office. The day began with an awareness session on blood donation, followed by a felicitation ceremony for the members of Jankalyan Blood Centre. With 42 volunteers, around 18 liters of whole blood were donated.

Fresenius Kabi Indonesia held a blood donation drive on May 28, 2024. Open to employees and interested external parties, the event was carried out in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross in the office building. A total of 103 participants took part.

The most recent blood drive was organized in Brezins, by Fresenius Kabi France. On June 6, around 40 colleagues donated their blood in a mobile blood donation center.

Meanwhile, in Australia and New Zealand, Fresenius Kabi is proud of its Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Team and the recently launched NZ Blood Service Team. Both teams comprise employees, their family members, and friends, who regularly donate whole blood, plasma, and platelets to help save lives across the region. 

Besides hosting several blood drives each year, Fresenius Kabi USA is home to the National Blood Donation Hall of Fame. It was created 25 years ago to recognize and celebrate exceptional blood donors, advocates, and volunteers in the U.S. Blood centers across the country submit nominations, from which 12 individuals are chosen annually based on their demonstrated commitment and passion for donating blood or encouraging blood donation. By honoring these remarkable individuals, we not only acknowledge their contributions but also inspire others to join the life-saving mission of blood donation.

The dedication and commitment shown by employees all around the world in these blood donation initiatives are truly remarkable. They are not just fulfilling their corporate responsibilities but also upholding a promise to life, demonstrating the power of collective action. Together, we’re creating a legacy of life-saving impact, one donation at a time.

Some of our dedicated long-term blood donors

“As for me, voluntary blood donation represents a healthy lifestyle. To ensure I'm in good condition to donate blood and save lives, I make it a point to exercise daily in moderation, avoid fried food and animal organs, and maintain a regular schedule. Each one of these blood donation certificates in vivid red speaks volumes of my dedication to my work and my profound love for others.
I often say to myself, I was once a medical staff member myself, and for me, participating in voluntary blood donation is just a normal thing. All I need is to approach it with a calm and regular mindset. Regular blood donation has transformed my perspective and mindset, allowing me to remain passionate and motivated in my work for decades, and to live life with hope and enthusiasm.”

Gong Dianguang, Engineer & Consultant MedTech, China

Blood Donation by Gong Dianguang

“It’s for the community and for you; these are the words my dad said to me more than 20 years ago to convince me to donate blood and plasma. Despite my fear of needles and the unknown, I did it – and do it until now. This Saturday morning, I am here with my youngest son to show him the importance of this gift and pass on the legacy. For someone who has worked in Transfusion Technology for over 15 years, I know that donating blood saves lives.”

Fabio Remondi, Senior Marketing Manager Whole Blood Technology, Autotransfusion Systems & Solutions, Italy

Blood Donation by Gong Dianguang

“My dad has been giving blood for as long as I can remember – 140 times now. So, I got involved early on and I've been a regular plasma donor for over four years now.
It is a fast and easy way to help others. Donating plasma only takes an hour out of my day, but that hour can help many people in need live a more normal life.”

Claudia Hettrich, Assistant to President Business Unit MedTech, Germany