Fresenius Kabi Offers €100,000 Grant to Advance Nutritional Care in Hospitalized Patients

Grant for clinical nutrition research in Latin America offered for the third time

May 15, 2023

In hospitalized adult patients, parenteral nutrition plays a critical role in sustaining the nutritional needs of the patient and assisting recovery. However, in Latin America, the extent of malnutrition in critically ill hospitalized patients is at 74%.* 

Fresenius Kabi is committed to promoting research and providing funding to combat patient malnutrition in Latin America and around the world. Since 2018, we have offered research grants of €100,000 as part of 'United for Clinical Nutrition' – our initiative to empower clinical research in Latin America. The Parenteral Nutrition Research Grant Latin America is now being offered for the third time, with applications open until August 31.

Supporting new clinical research projects

The grant will be awarded to an institution or research group with an original project directly related to the therapeutic area of parenteral nutrition in Latin America, with a strong focus on improving patient outcomes across the region. 

Reviewing the applications will be a committee of leaders in the field of clinical nutrition chaired by Prof. Dr. Isabel Correia, Chief of the Nutrition Therapy Team at the Alfa Institute of Gastroenterology and Surgery at the University Hospital, Belo Horizonte, in Brazil. The winner will be announced at the FELANPE virtual congress, taking place October 10-14 2023.

“The LAM grant initiative is a unique opportunity to promote clinical nutrition research in Latin America, where carrying out investigation is a challenge,” said Prof. Dr. Correia. "We invite you to submit your project and have the chance to be awarded the 'dream financial support of many of us'."

Helping to solve the problem of funding

For medical professionals, securing funding and resources for new research can be challenging. Fresenius Kabi established ‘United for Clinical Nutrition’ in 2014 to raise awareness for medical nutrition therapy and reduce the prevalence of hospital malnutrition around the world. Part of this initiative includes making research grants available to institutions. The Parenteral Nutrition Research Grant’s winner in 2021 involved a study into how the use of supplemental parenteral nutrition could contribute to better outcomes in COVID-19 patients in intensive care units.

The 2023 grant’s winner will receive €100,000 in two parts. The funding, which can also be issued in the equivalent local currency, will enable meaningful research to be conducted into parenteral nutrition therapy and to provide education and advocacy for better nutrition practices in hospitals in Latin America. For the application form and additional information, visit

About the Parenteral Nutrition Research Grant Latin America

The third Parenteral Nutrition Research Grant Latin America is offered to health care professionals to support research projects in the area of clinical nutrition. The grant has a duration of two years. It aims to help provide solutions for malnourished critically ill patients in Latin America, stimulate thoughtful research in parenteral nutrition therapy, and provide resources to enable further research to advocate adequate parenteral nutrition.

* Papapietro Vallejo K, Méndez Martínez C, Matos Adames AA et al. Current Clinical Nutrition Practices in Critically Ill Patients in Latin America: A Multinational Observational Study. Crit Care 2017; 21 (1), 227. DOI: 10.1186/s13054-017-1805-z