A Year of Achievements and Global Collaboration With JUMPstart Clinical Nutrition Alumni Program

February 15, 2024

As we reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, it's inspiring to witness the continued growth and collaboration within our esteemed JUMPstart Clinical Nutrition alumni community. Beyond completing the program, our JUMPstarters become integral members of an active and engaged network, fostering connections, and sharing knowledge to elevate the field of clinical nutrition.

Last year, many of our alumni gathered in person at our JUMPstart alumni meeting at ESPEN 2023 in Lyon, where they participated in a dynamic mix & mingle session. During this event, our alumni not only exchanged research interests and career highlights but also had the privilege of learning about plans for an International Critical Care Nutrition Registry from distinguished JUMPstart alumni, Prof. Christian Stoppe and Dr. Ellen Dresen. The registry presents an exciting avenue for global collaboration and is actively recruiting participants. 

In December, we hosted a JUMPstart Clinical Nutrition alumni webinar on Indirect Calorimetry, a topic chosen based on valuable feedback from our alumni community. Led by Dr. Frances Turalba and Dr. Robert Martindale, the webinar provided insights into the varied practices of indirect calorimetry across institutions. Case study presentations by Dr. Emmanuel Pardo and Prof. Mette Berger enriched the discussion, allowing our alumni to have their burning questions answered.

Looking ahead, we are actively planning engaging alumni activities for 2024—stay tuned for further details. Additionally, we're thrilled to announce the commencement of the fourth wave of the JUMPstart program this year, with applications opening in April 2024. Interested in applying? Learn more about the JUMPstart program.

The upcoming year promises to be an exciting chapter for our JUMPstart Clinical Nutrition community, and we eagerly anticipate the continued success and collaboration within our growing network.

JUMPstart Clinical Nutrition program

JUMPstart Clinical Nutrition program connects and trains emerging talents in clinical nutrition. Tailored for physicians and scientists, it enhances research skills in critical care nutrition. Participants can apply for the JUMPstart Research Grant, providing a unique opportunity to advance their research careers. Having completed three programs in 2018, 2020, and 2022, the program is now welcoming its 4th wave. Divided into Basic and Advanced Modules, the program facilitates interactive sessions to explore designing, budgeting, performing, evaluating, and publishing clinical studies, enriched by insights from experienced professionals in clinical nutrition research.

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