Heroes Who Save Lives: A Heartfelt Thank You to All Blood and Plasma Donors

Only 10 minutes to improve the lives of patients in need – 10 minutes to give someone the gift of life.

August 4, 2023

Donating blood and plasma is crucial as it can save lives and play a vital role in providing essential medical treatment to patients in need. In addition to the act of donating itself, raising awareness is equally important. Together, we can make a difference – let’s unite and spread the word about the importance of donating blood and plasma.

Thank you to each and every donor for your invaluable contribution and for being the heroes that we need. You make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and their families - your generosity and compassion make a significant difference in the world.

Local events worldwide as part of World Blood Donor Day: colleagues united for a great cause

World Blood Donor Day on June 14 was not only an opportunity for individuals to donate blood, but also for companies to actively participate in promoting blood donation. Many Fresenius Kabi sites around the world organized local events – people from different parts of the world have united to make a positive difference together. From blood drives and awareness campaigns to symbolic gestures and celebrations, these local events are an expression of solidarity and commitment to caring for life.

Take a look at some of our local blood donation events around the world


Our colleagues in Haina organized in collaboration with a local Oncology Institute a Blood Drive Journey at the plant. With the motto “Donate blood and be a Hero” a motivation campaign was put in motion to motivate donation volunteers. 


To raise awareness about “Blood Donation”, our colleagues from Mirandola delivered a motivational speech during the Biomedical Valley event in Mirandola. Focus of the speech was to draw attention to the scarcity of blood supply even though the demand is on such a high level. 

South Africa

A blood drive was organized at the local Fresenius Kabi facility, which was open to all the companies in the Business Park at Growth Point Park. As a special activity, the colleagues of the MedTech team dressed up as vampires encouraging people to join the blood drive.


Our colleagues in UK organized a blood donation event at the Runcorn location. The team organized various activities such as a bake-off for the MedTech Commercial Team and a bake sale, tombola & raffle. In the end, each donor received a free novelty medical themed ice cream & cone. 

Learn more about the ongoing need for blood and plasma donations and watch valuable facts about plasma and its purpose in the video with Pierre Vidal, Transfusion & Cell Technology at Fresenius Kabi.