New Whitepaper: Infusion Systems & Interoperability in Healthcare Information Systems

A perspective on use cases and standards

June 3, 2024

Medical devices are an integral part of the new Healthcare Information System (HIS) landscape and can play a vital role in making caregivers’ tasks easier while enhancing patient care.

Let’s take for example infusion systems: Automated transfer of data from the system to the patient’s electronic chart saves nurses time and reduces the risk of human error. Automation also makes end-to-end traceability of infusions possible, from the prescription by a physician to the verification that the drug has been administered. This allows nurses to focus more on care and less on recording information. For this, the various components that make up the HIS must be interoperable.

Read our whitepaper to learn what interoperability means for infusion systems through use cases and an analysis of the applicable standards.

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Whitepaper: Infusion Systems & Interoperability in Healthcare Information Systems

The author:

Julien Sagnard is an expert in Health Information Systems (HIS) with a proven track record in the interoperability domain. Recognized as a trustworthy team player, he is motivated by fostering innovation to enhance healthcare outcomes globally. For this whitepaper, Julien received support from contributors Nasser Jhuboo, Magali Bayon, Matthieu Peyrin, and Arnaud Meurant.

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