Donating Blood Helps Saving Lives

June 8, 2018

Fresenius Kabi China - 6th Blood Donation Day - Group Photos

Fresenius Kabi China held its 6th Blood Donation Day in early May. The event took place simultaneously at 12 locations in China. More than 250 participants donated over 120 units of apheresis platelets and over 30,000 ml of whole blood. For the first time, colleagues from Fresenius Medical Care and Fresenius Vamed also joined the initiative.

Fresenius Kabi China has organized several platelet donation drives, with more than 800 individual donations yielding more than 650 units of apheresis platelets. The drives help save countless lives in line with our philosophy of “caring for life”.

Fresenius Kabi China Blood Donation Day - Gong Dianguang

Gong Dianguang, Associate National Application Training Director: “I have donated blood more than 50 times during the past years. I participate in such activities 10 to 12 times per year. When I travel for business or leisure, I like to donate blood in local cities. At the moment, my blood donation records are spread across more than 32 Chinese provinces. I have always dreamed of doing this all over China. Now, just two more provinces are needed to achieve this goal.”

Fresenius Kabi China Blood Donation Day - Colleague Duan Minghui

Duan Minghui, Training Operation & Online Learning Manager: “May 4th is my birthday. This is the fourth time I have celebrated my birthday by donating blood. Such a birthday gift means a lot to me. I think I will keep this tradition on my birthday.”