Raising awareness for COVID-19 healthcare measures: Fresenius Kabi initiates Kids Drawing Competition in Indonesia

November 2, 2020

The coronavirus continues to be a global challenge for people and healthcare systems around the world. In the joint fight against the pandemic, protecting oneself and others by adhering to safety and hygiene concepts and promoting preventive measures remains important. Inspired by their company philosophy of “caring for life”, the employees of Fresenius Kabi Indonesia organized a creative contest to raise awareness for these essential COVID-19-related measures.

By setting up the Kids Drawing Competition and inviting all employees’ children between the age of five to 12 to draw pictures with coronavirus-related topics they effectively supported the commitment to follow health protocols in their families and beyond: wearing masks, keeping distance and washing hands.

The children were very motivated and created various impressive pictures. The colorful drawings not only deliver the message of caring for each other to stay healthy, but they show how colorful life can be despite these challenging times.

Fresenius Kabi Indonesia Drawing Competition 2020

In Indonesian, the three corona-related topics of the Kids Drawing Competition can be described as the 3M: “Memakai masker” (wearing masks), “Menjaga jarak” (keeping distance) and “Mencuci tangan” (washing hands).