Fresenius Kabi Australia is the type to save lives

June 6, 2018

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and in line with our philosophy of caring for life, Fresenius Kabi Australia supports the Australian Red Cross Blood Donation (ARCBS) Program called Red25 by encouraging colleagues to regularly donate blood. ARCBS fully relies on volunteers for blood donations and has started several initiatives to guarantee local supply. It is the declared aim of Red25 to ensure that 25% of Australia's required blood donations are secured via regular corporate donations.

Blood donor ambassador and Managing Director Fresenius Kabi Australia New Zealand
Juan Villar, Managing Director of Fresenius Kabi Australia & New Zealand, thanks Francina Cummins, ambassador for blood donations, for her support and for sharing her personal story with our colleagues on site.

Recently, Fresenius Kabi Australia held their annual sales conference where the positive impact of the blood donation program of Fresenius Kabi Australia was shared with our colleagues on site. A guest speaker was invited to share her story and raise awareness regarding the importance of blood donations. Francina Cummins’ son was born with severe Haemophilia and as a result received multiple blood transfusions as a tiny infant and will furthermore require life-saving medicines made from blood products for the rest of his life.

In addition to hearing Francina’s story, the members of the Fresenius Red25 Team shared their experiences regarding blood donations with their colleagues.

Fresenius Australia Red 25 team members

Our colleagues from Fresenius Kabi Australia live our philosophy of “caring for life” by regularly donating blood – a selfless activity that can help save lives.

It is the aim of Fresenius Kabi to contribute to projects such as the blood donation initiative Red25 in Australia. Partnerships with the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations enable us to have a direct positive impact on the health of people around the globe.