Improving the lives of the youth in South Africa

Fresenius Kabi supports various organizations across South Africa to improve the lives of the country’s future generations.

December 4, 2015

​​​​​​​​​“Give a Child a Family” program

Since 2005 Fresenius Kabi supports the “Give a Child a Family” (GCF) program. Based in Margate KwaZulu-Natal, the program aims to ensure children are brought up in caring and secure families. These children come from intolerable environments, such as neglect, mistreatment, malnutrition, abuse and abandonment. With one of the highest prevalence of HIV and tuberculosis in the world, healthcare for all the children at GCF is a high priority to ensure they are cared for properly before being placed with nurturing foster families as an alternative to long-term institutionalized care. Approximately 120 children are cared for every year.

Therapeutic and counselling programs are carried out to help them deal with trauma, grief and bereavement to ensure that the children are healthy and thriving before being placed into a foster family.

Fresenius Kabi has been the sole partner and funder of the home’s health program for children for the past three years. The facility has also been fully equipped through company funding.

Give a Child a Family program

The program brings vulnerable​ children together with foster families​

​​​​​​​​​“M.T.R. Smit Children’s Haven” program​​

The M.T.R. Smit Children’s Haven aims to create conditions for the optimum development of children. The institution was officially established in 1922, when the government admitted the first children to the orphanage. The Haven currently gives shelter to 100 statutory children between the ages of three to 18 years. The institution also aims at providing accommodation for the mentally disabled children. Since 2004 Fresenius Kabi has supported the M.T.R. Smit Children’s Haven by assisting in covering the children’s medical costs.

M.T.R. Smit Children's Haven program

The Children’s Haven takes care of orphans from three ​years to adulthood

Fresenius Kabi sheds a little light on Lebone Village

Lebone Village is a non-profit organization that seeks to enhance the lives of people within the local community in Bloemfontein. The institution cares for children who are either infected or affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic and moreover poverty.

Lebone is also a development center, which seeks to provide skills training and employment to both young and old with the aim of helping the less fortunate become self-sufficient.

The primary aim of Lebone House is to provide an environment, in which the children’s physical, emotional and psychological needs are cared for. Lebone Edu-Center educates the children from birth to school-leaving age and provides an education to those who are denied access due to poverty.

Lebone Care Center looks after children who suffer from severe illnesses or poverty. The center relies solely on donations to fund its operations. Fresenius Kabi has supported the Lebone House since 2005 by contributing towards the children’s medical costs, and more recently, the company has extended its support by creating the Fresenius Kabi South Africa Medical Hub.

Lebone Village kid Lebone Village group

Lebone Care Center looks after children who suffer from severe illnesses or poverty

Scholarship and Bursary Program

Fresenius Kabi also believes investing in the future of South Africa is imperative. The company has therefore embarked on a tertiary bursary and scholarship program, enabling students from historically disadvantaged communities to study Mechanical Engineering, Pharmacy, Microbiology and Dietetics.​​