Employees of Fresenius Kabi China donate blood together

September 25, 2017

Fresenius Kabi China Blood Donation at Guangzhou Site

Clinical demand for blood products in China is growing and blood donations have a short shelf life. Voluntary donation is the main source for collecting platelets. That is why employees of Fresenius Kabi China regularly donate blood at different company locations: Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuxi, Changsha, Shanghai and Xuzhou.

This year, 84 units of apheresis platelets and 20 units of whole blood were donated in just one day. During the last five years, employees of Fresenius Kabi China have collected overall 600 total donations of blood that help to protect lives.

“Donating blood emphasizes what we work for and achieve every day at Fresenius Kabi. It’s a privilege for me to be an integral part of the team helping support many lives in keeping with our philosophy of ‘caring for life’,” said Jeans Jiang, Vice President Medical Devices, Fresenius Kabi China. Joerg Pluskwik, General Manager of the Guangzhou plant, was also pleased to be part of the program, “It’s a great feeling to directly support people in need and contribute to local healthcare from our own location.”