Ambix Intraport

Ambix Intraport

Product Features

Ambix Intraport CP ®

The approved ceramics in the Ambix CDC* Design

• Light-weight PEEK*** casing increases patient comfort
• Ambix CDC* Design
• Long-term approved ultra-pure aluminium oxide-ceramics inside
• Large septum area for a high number of punctures
• Silicone catheter with distance marks and good X-ray contrast
• Bayonet connector for tactile, audible, fast & safe fixation of the catheter
• Elongated suture holes for easy and fast fixation


Ambix Intraport T/T POWERFLOW ®

The Titan port – also available in a POWERFLOW version 

• Casing made of matt finished medical grade titanium
• Catheter with screw coupling and kink protection
• Highly compressed silicone membrane for fixed positioning of the cannula
• Septum slightly curved, good noticeable septum for easy palpation

POWERFLOW version available

- Allowed max. fl ow rates up to 5 ml / sec** by high pressure application
- Silicone and PU catheter available


Available in following varients:


Ambix Intraport CP


Ambix Intraport T


Ambix IntraportT POWERFLOW