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Winners of Best Place to Work in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Our EVP provides all employees with a common guiding principle about what it means to ‘Be More’ at the organization's company.  
•    Be on a Mission: this value proposition caters to the need of an individual to do meaningful things. The pillar enables driving execution rigor by embedding value-driven rewards, recognition & appreciation philosophy at the centre of the organizational goals 
•    Be What’s Next: it covers the pillars of growth and development that enable an individual to consistently re-invent themselves and possess relevant skill sets as per the current market requirements. 
•    Be New: it covers the desire to innovate and bring in a change. To do something that lasts and creates an impact at a scalable level. 
•    Be Yourself: Increasingly, people want to work the way they live. This value proposition refers to providing flexibility, autonomy, and an embracing culture.

Great Place to Work Certification

Fresenius Kabi India participated in the Top 100 Great Places to Work assessment. Great Place to Work® Institute’s methodology is recognized as rigorous and objective and is considered as the gold standard for defining great workplaces. The assessment is based on two parameters - Score in employee feedback survey coupled with our people practices audit scores.

We at  Fresenius Kabi, India are proud to mention that we were awarded as Best Employer Brand Award - 2017 ( Pune Chapter).

Some of the key criteria basis which we were recognized, are as follows -

  • Translating and combining vision with HR strategy - Our vision is to achieve a sales of revenue Rs 1000 crores by Year 2020. We recognize that our key assets and drivers for this growth are our people. All our organizational processes are aligned to hire, develop & retain the best talent.
  • Building line to mesh HR strategy with business - To ensure that we are prepared to enable the future growth requirements and demands, we pro-actively & continuously work on identifying and grooming our key talent to be ready to take up the aspired roles thus building a talent pipeline for future.
  • Cultivating competencies for the future to enable building the organization to be future ready - Through our robust talent development program that provides avenues for attending the various customized  inhouse trainings, external training programs, enabling learning on the job through customized assignments and one on one coaching for identified leaders, we facilitate cultivation of the required competencies which are in alignment with our culture.
Best Employer Brand Award 2017
Training & Development
Employee Engagement
Internal Talent
Employee Empowerment

In our endeavor for continuous improvement, we introduced "Competency Identification & Development Program (C.I.D.P.)" across the organization.

The objective of the program was to create a platform that enables sharing an evidence based feedback.

The process is used in the organization to identify key talent using 360 degree feedback and behavioral interviews which are conducted by independent panelists. This helps eliminate any biases in identification of talent.

Once the talent is identified, they are groomed for the next role by creating personalized development plan which include on the job assignments and one on one coaching where necessary. This ensures that we prepare our key talent to take up the next level of responsibilities and hence encourage more internal movements to leadership positions.

The process also helps in enabling cross-functional movements. It is unique and one of its kind in the pharma industry. The crux of the process lies in the fact that it covers all employees in the organization irrespective of the level or designation.

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