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What is the Medical Nutrition International Industry (MNI)?

The Medical Nutrition International Industry (MNI) is the voice of the medical nutrition industry at international level. MNI gathers companies that offer specialized nutritional solutions and services designed to meet the diverse nutritional needs of patients.
MNI is dedicated to advancing better care through better nutrition, across all ages and healthcare settings.

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Our company is a proud member of the Medical Nutrition International Industry.

Cover MNI Dossier 2018

MNI Medical Nutrition Dossier

Disease-related malnutrition continues to go undetected and untreated, affecting patients’ lives and posing a significant burden on the healthcare systems and budgets. However, malnutrition is treatable, and a growing body of evidence demonstrates the value of medical nutrition in addressing malnutrition. The MNI Medical Nutrition Dossier "Better care through better nutrition: value and effects of medical nutrition" addresses the prevalence, causes and consequences of malnutrition, as well as the health and economic benefits of nutritional care.

A Summary Booklet of the MNI Medical Nutrition Dossier is also available: it
provides a condensed compilation of the evidence presented in the full dossier.

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MNI Grant

MNI Grant

The MNI grant rewards national initiatives or research projects for Optimal Nutritional Care. Since 2008, the MNI Grant has inspired and supported ambitious initiatives which have contributed to improving nutritional care policies at national level.

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