Living life to the fullest thanks to artificial nutrition

When adults or children cannot absorb enough nutrients from regular food or the ability to eat and drink normally is compromised, medical nutrition becomes an essential alternative. This is where home artificial nutrition plays an important role in improving patients' quality of life. In line with our corporate mission caring for life, Fresenius Kabi supports PACIFHAN’s annual World Home Artificial Nutrition (HAN) Day to spread awareness of this treatment. World HAN Day is taking place for the sixth time, on October 15th, 2022. 

Home artificial nutrition allows independent care in the administration of clinical nutrition to patients in a home setting, which is essential for adults and children with long-term conditions. Whether a patient needs enteral (via tube feed) or parenteral nutrition (intravenous feed), HAN allows patients to leave the hospital and continue their nutrition therapy in the comfort of their own home. This is made possible thanks to personalized training and close follow-up provided by homecare services experts.

In recognition of this special day, we would like to share some inspiring stories about patients from around the world who are living on home artificial nutrition and highlight the benefits of this life-saving therapy.

Meet Noah, Sandro, Amirsam, Ana and Annika


Nothing stops Noah, from the UK, to spend a nice day at the beach while receiving Home Parenteral Nutrition

Noah has been on parenteral nutrition and lived in hospitals most of his life. When he first came home his parents thought they would be really restricted in what they could do due to Noah’s parenteral nutrition, but they don't let his condition hold him back. He is going to start school soon and goes to the children's centre for play sessions. Noah and his family have spent some days outside on rides, the beach and even paddled on the sea while he was on parenteral nutrition – they are happy and making so many memories with their amazing little Noah.


Sandro is a sportsman from Switzerland, who loves to climb mountains along with his Home Artificial Nutrition backpack which helps him reach every peak

Sandro has needed clinical nutrition for several years, currently via a small bowel tube. For this reason, his backpack with the enteral pump and nutrition is his constant companion. He has always been very upfront about his condition - it was important to him that his family, friends, and colleagues know his situation. Sandro’s main hobbies are sports, and he spends a lot of time in the mountains, skiing in winter and hiking in summer. “You can't be quite so spontaneous with a feeding tube - last-minute flights are not possible and lying on your stomach in bed isn't quite as easy as it used to be. However, everything else is fine, really”, he says.


Annika, from Austria, also wanted to share how she will be able to grow and enjoy the outdoors while receiving Home Enteral Nutrition

Annika has regained her mobility, thanks to the pump, and can actively use her free time like many other children. In the future, Annika will be able to go to the kindergarten and make social contacts which promotes her development. Her family feels relieved as the pump relaxes the family environment so they can now focus on simply enjoying everyday life.


Amirsam, from Germany, learned all about his Home Parenteral Nutrition and Home Enteral Nutrition therapies and keeps looking for opportunities to go round and about

Amirsam has suffered from an autoimmune disease due to a genetic defect since childhood – unfortunately, no cure is possible. Without special nutrition (parenteral and enteral) and medical devices (e.g., feeding pumps) he would be in constant danger of malnutrition and uncontrollable diarrhea. Amirsam is 11 years old, goes to school and is looking forward to a family trip with his parents and sister.


Ana, from Argentina, shares how Home Parenteral Nutrition helped her achieve her goals

With home parenteral nutrition, Ana was able to go back to work. She is developing as a professional, socializing and meeting new people and has a very normal life. Parenteral nutrition gave her the possibility to visit other cities of the country while getting nourished at the same time. She discovered new places, shared vacations with her family and enjoys life as best as possible. Ana has had a different life for 14 years and is now, valuing every moment, enjoying all the alternatives that this nutrition service offers.