Clinical Nutrition at Home

When critically or chronically ill patients are not able to receive a sufficient amount of nutrition from regular food due to medical conditions, clinical nutrition (or artificial nutrition respectively) provides an essential alternative. In specific cases, it can not only be supplied in the hospital, but also as an extra-hospital therapy through home artificial nutrition.

Home artificial nutrition means that patients can be discharged from the hospital and continue their nutrition therapy in the comfort of their own home. In order to further raise awareness for home artificial nutrition and its benefits, Fresenius Kabi supports the annual World Home Artificial Nutrition Day.

“Never think you’re not like other people”

"I would describe my everyday life as being the same as every normal 23-year-old’s"

"I needed home parenteral nutrition to stay alive. Thanks to the therapy I’ve been able to carry on going on holiday and I am looking forward to becoming a grandfather"

Excursions to the mountains are a welcome change and have already led to many wonderful memories

"The one thing that home enteral nutrition has allowed me to do is travel"