Quality Management


The quality and safety of our products and services are the basis of our business activities. Therefore, we strive for harmonized standards and processes worldwide to safeguard the highest quality.

What Quality means to Fresenius Kabi

This commitment implicates the application of a quality management that assures the quality of products in terms of safety and efficacy. At Fresenius Kabi, quality is an integral part of our day-to-day operations, of our business strategy and business philosophy.

Our quality management system is designed to ensure compliance with all applicable national and international requirements as well as to meet the expectations of our partners and customers. For us, it is an ongoing task to undertake regular quality improvements across all operations with the aim to support medical professionals in the best possible therapy and care for critically and chronically ill patients around the globe.

The basis for our lasting and successful partnership with our customers is the commitment to consistently high and ever improving quality of ​our products and services. Therefore, our quality management system according to the international ISO 9001 standard is regularly reviewed during internal quality audits and certified by external auditors. Currently Fresenius Kabi has an ISO 9001 certificate covering around 110 of our organizations, comprising Market Units, Compounding Centers and Production Units around the globe. We continuously expand the successive integration of all the Fresenius Kabi organizations into our ISO 9001 matrix certification.

Quality Policy of Fresenius Kabi

We are caring for life and are committed to increasing the quality & efficiency of healthcare for a growing number of people. We achieve this by reliably providing affordable, high-quality, safe as well as effective products and services to Healthcare Professionals and patients.

We carry out this commitment by:

  • Embracing customer, user and regulatory expectations & requirements while consistently meeting or exceeding these in design, manufacturing, distribution, and services.
  • Striving to manufacture our products right, in time and in compliance with the requirements.
  • Monitoring product & patient safety continuously.
  • Maintaining a transparent, well-documented, controlled, and regulatory compliant Quality Management System while continuously improving its suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.
  • Having a competent, well-trained organization with clearly defined responsibilities & authorities.
  • Pursuing continuous improvement and effective risk & information management.

The quality of our products and services as well as adherence to the Quality Management System is the responsibility of each employee and essential for the achievement of our quality objectives.

Quality Management Certificates

Quality Management Certificates

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