Our Commitment to Tomorrow: Further Increasing Our Environmental Efforts.

Consequences of consumption and the environmental impact of people and businesses are becoming increasingly visible. Fresenius Kabi aims to do both: leaving a planet worth living on for future generations and serving the well-being of patients.

Environmental management

Fresenius Kabi contributes to protecting the environment and carefully using natural resources. Mandatory environmental protection guidelines provide the framework for environmental management for all our organizations. The guidelines include general principles on how to address and prevent environmental risks as well as how to prevent environmental incidents.

Each manufacturing site of Fresenius Kabi must identify environmental protection measures associated with environmental aspects of their activities and services. In cases of environmental incidents, further activities are defined to avoid negative impacts as far as possible. In addition, Fresenius Kabi uses an environmental management system, the international standard ISO 14001, to improve its environmental performance. The focus is primarily on reducing energy and water usage, as well as wastewater, waste, and emissions – in relation to production activities.

A handbook and standard operating procedures provide all certified local production units with a framework for their environmental management. We are working to implement the environmental management system at all manufacturing plants worldwide by 20261. To achieve the goal of implementing the management system, Fresenius Kabi has drawn up an ambitious plan and is working systematically on its realization. By expanding the coverage of the management system, we aim to continuously improve our environmental performance. A total of 39 Fresenius Kabi organizations are currently certified according to ISO 14001, including six additional manufacturing plants which were certified in 2022.


1 The implementation will be concluded at all Fresenius Kabi manufacturing plants in 2026. The certification issuance from the individual certification companies may extend into the following year.


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