The Life-Changing Application

20 Years of Loyalty and Intense Experiences

When Ruth graduated from university – some 20 years ago – she was unsure about the next steps she should take in life. A friend who was already working for Fresenius Kabi then recommended applying to Fresenius Kabi Austria in Graz. Little did she know that this application would be the first and, to this day, the last one in her entire career, because not only did Ruth get the job, she has made phenomenal progress in her career and has remained loyal to Fresenius Kabi since then.

The growth, the multitude of opportunities, and the speed – this is what Ruth finds fascinating about Fresenius Kabi. She joined the company in the Quality Department at the production plant in Graz, Austria. Just nine months later, she was appointed as Department Manager in aseptic production. “The beginning was more than tough. But I like challenges,” Ruth remembers.

In the following eight years, Ruth worked as Director of the production plant in Graz. During this time, she had the chance to broaden her horizons and spent three years at the Fresenius Kabi plant in Grand Island, New York, United States, in operations and in a project role. The experience during this international assignment made her realize that she enjoys working within a strong international network. On top of that, her husband and her two teenage daughters got the chance to follow her and moved to the United States for one school year.

Ruth and family
During an international assignment at the Fresenius Kabi production plant in Grand Island, United States, Ruth was accompanied by her family for one year.

Back in Graz now as Plant Manager, Ruth is constantly facing diverse and demanding challenges. “Both the global growth rates in many markets and the growth of the production plant are challenging factors to keep up with, including investments, organizational development, and the overall high speed of development. Nevertheless, I like complexity and I like working with people.”

For Ruth, a typical working day starts at 7:30 a.m. in the office. If she does not have any meetings right away, she uses the time to check her e-mail and prepare for the day. Then the meetings start: direct reports, team meetings, and participation in audits and inspections. “Five to ten meetings per day are normal. But nevertheless, I am regularly on the shop floor,” she says.

In the future, Ruth wants to create some space in her schedule to spend more time on international and cross-functional projects. To her, working for Fresenius Kabi means working to the best of one’s ability on a day-to-day basis. “To me, ‘caring for life’ means not only providing high-quality products to critically and chronically ill patients but also providing the best-possible environment for the people I work with and those who work at the plant in Graz.”