Labor & Diverse Global Workforce


Fresenius Kabi creates an environment of mutual respect, encouragement, and teamwork.

Employees by Region

We value our diverse global workforce

Thanks to our global presence, our employees bring diverse backgrounds, experience and knowledge with them. We value this diversity as an asset to our business, reflecting the various markets in which we operate.

By nurturing a culture of teamwork and collaboration, we promote interaction across borders, functions, and hierarchies. With that in mind, the entrepreneurial spirit of each employee is a crucial element of our success.

Each employee is responsible for contributing to a workplace environment that rewards high performance and a commitment to professionalism while establishing an atmosphere of trust and respect.

We support equal opportunities and take a clear stand against discrimination. No one may ever be discriminated against, e.g. for their skin color, race, gender, religion, political views, age, physical constitution, sexual orientation, appearance, or other personal characteristics. We also do not tolerate discrimination due to membership in unions and works councils.

We strive to meet the needs of persons with disabilities at our facilities with measures such as barrier-free access or specially equipped restrooms. We create the necessary committees on a national level whenever necessary.

We have established human resources procedures to ensure fair compensation while including regulations to document working hours and provide remuneration for overtime.

Creating safe working conditions

We work to provide a safe, healthy and productive workplace for our employees. Fresenius Kabi has developed and also continuously works on occupational health and safety guidelines and procedures in compliance with legal regulations to protect employees from potential workplace hazards.

The aim is to avoid all work-related accidents.

In addition, Fresenius Kabi uses a management system for occupational health and safety in accordance with the internationally acknowledged standard OHSAS 18001.

The employees at Fresenius Kabi’s Global Work and Environmental Safety department analyze and evaluate working procedures, risks, and processes and enable the exchange of best practices within the company. Fresenius Kabi performs internal audits at its locations to identify potential for improvement. To exploit this potential, measures are defined together with local employees responsible for occupational health and safety incidents and accidents that lead to lost working time for its employees or temporary workers. Reported cases are categorized according to their severity and might lead to further training, or, in some cases, the adjustment of the existing standard operating procedure. In 2018, no work-related fatalities or severe accidents were recorded at Fresenius Kabi.

We are committed to ensuring that the necessary safety measures are taken and that working conditions are fair and safe for all our employees. We make sure that the necessary measures for the security of our employees are taken.