Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Our Commitment to Our Partners – Ensuring the Highest Standards in Every Aspect of Our Operations

Conducting business fairly and with integrity is for the benefit of all. We at Fresenius Kabi maintain the highest ethical and human rights standards in our work and interaction with business partners, suppliers, customers, healthcare professionals, and other partners.

As a healthcare company, we are dedicated to complying with strong ethical standards as well as applicable laws. To ensure this across our global organization, we have built a culture of integrity, accountability, and transparency, which is to be fostered every day by all employees around the globe.

To strengthen integrity, Fresenius Kabi has implemented a Compliance Management System (CMS) which consists of three pillars: prevention, detection, and reaction. We stand against any form of corruption or anticompetitive behavior that can distort markets. Competition fosters market development and innovation. 

Our success depends on us acting with integrity. This means doing the right thing, even beyond legal requirements in our daily business at Fresenius Kabi.  

The Fresenius Kabi Code of Conduct provides guidance when we face a compliance issue or an ethical dilemma in connection with your work.