Meet Our People

At Fresenius Kabi, we understand that the medicines and technologies we make help patients at their time of need. That’s why our purpose—Caring for life—runs deep. Our purpose flows through the work we do and the products we make to the people we support and the patients they care for. 

It shapes our thinking and drives our actions—giving meaning to every role and task we take on, no matter how big or small. It reminds us of our everyday responsibility to put these life-impacting and life-saving tools in the hands of medical professionals, and it inspires us to find new answers to the challenges they face. 

It's because purpose runs deep that Fresenius Kabi is a different kind of place to work, and a different kind of company to work with. We invite you to watch the videos below and hear our collective passion and commitment in the words of some our colleagues, as they work to make moments of caring possible. 

If you are interested in joing a team where #PurposeRunsDeep, we encourage you to view our open positions at Fresenius Kabi USA


Meet Terine Kimble, Packaging Inspector

Watch Terine’s video to learn how she applies her skill and passion every day at our Grand Island, New York manufacturing facility to ensure we deliver high quality medicines to as many patients as possible—patients like her own mother.

“Every morning I get to work, we all sit—it’s like a group of six of us—and have our coffee. And then, when it’s time to go downstairs, I get up, and I’ll be like ‘Okay ya’ll, come on, let’s go see how many lives we can save today.’”

Meet Carly Fischer, Controlled Substance Supervisor

Watch Carly’s video to learn how moving cases filled with life-saving medicines changed her mindset about the work she does at our Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin distribution center—and drives her whole team to help each other get the job done.

 “You need to have integrity, you need to work together, you need to do all these things, because you may not know this person that you’re sending this product to, but it could potentially, or in the future, be a family member or someone that you love.”

Meet Otis Magee, Sr. Project Engineer, Manufacturing IT 

Watch Otis’s video to learn how he connects his “behind-the-scenes” role at our Melrose Park, Illinois manufacturing facility to the production of medicines that save lives—a responsibility that drives him and his colleagues to innovate every day. 

“I feel like I’m making a difference. This is my first experience with pharma, the first job I’ve had where we produce products that save lives… Everything we do here is critical… It’s a great feeling to know that I’m contributing.”

Meet Hortencia Garcia, Machine Mechanic 

Watch Hortencia’s video to see the care and passion she brings to her role at our Melrose Park, Illinois manufacturing facility. She keeps our lines running smoothly, because she knows that the local hospital, and others across the country, depend on our medicines to help patients in need. 

“I really like the feeling of helping, when I feel like I’m doing something good for people. It makes me feel good to make sure they have our products… My coworkers feel the same, they feel they have ‘life in our hands.’” 

Meet Pere Berkowitz, Vice President, Marketing 

Watch Pere’s video to see how it drives the decisions he makes every day. With one of the largest portfolios of generic injectable medicines in the U.S., he and his colleagues recognize our responsibility to those who depend on our products, and our ability to deliver is a source of great pride. 

“When we launch products into new markets, it’s growth for the organization, but more importantly, when we enter different areas, we help provide affordable, essential medicines for more patients, and that’s really rewarding for us.”