Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Fresenius Kabi, we are building a sustainable culture of inclusion that embraces different experiences and perspectives, where we can all thrive and where we all belong.  

Fresenius Kabi recognizes that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) makes us stronger as an organization – for our employees and the customers and patients we serve. With the same commitment and passion that drive our employees’ dedication to offering lifesaving medicines and technologies to patients, at Fresenius Kabi we have embraced the journey of making DEI an integral part of our culture.  

Our commitment to DEI is grounded in our purpose of caring for life.  

“DEI makes us better as leaders and as an organization. It expands the range of perspectives, ideas and experiences to draw from to better understand and respond to the needs of our customers and patients. In this way, DEI is integral to delivering on our purpose of caring for life and essential to driving engagement and the growth of our business.”  – John Ducker, President and CEO, Fresenius Kabi USA

“At Fresenius Kabi, DEI is a deliberate organizational and personal commitment that goes beyond implementing programs. It’s cultural change that begins with human connections and caring for each other; with challenging our thinking to appreciate the richness of our different perspectives and experiences. In the long term, DEI becomes one of our most effective tools to unlock the talent, insight and passion of all employees.”  
– Monica Frias, Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


DEI Steering Committee 

The DEI Steering Committee guides our DEI vision and strategy at Fresenius Kabi. This team of executives is led by our President and CEO John Ducker and includes leaders from across the business in the U.S. and Canada. The Steering Committee meets every month, and it has made its mission to ensure DEI remains a priority for our organization.  

Committee members: 

Employee Impact Groups  

Our Employee Impact Groups (EIGs) elevate the voices and contributions of employees; they promote inclusion, human connections and collaboration; they are a space in which employees can grow personally and professionally. EIGs are central to our DEI strategy and help raise awareness about topics relevant to their membership, support a welcoming and inclusive work environment, and help leaders gain insight about barriers for engagement and advancement. EIGs also provide cultural insight and help Fresenius Kabi build stronger connections with customers, patients and our communities. 

We currently have four EIGs, all led by employees and sponsored by executive leaders. This initiative is growing, and we expect to introduce additional EIGs in the months to come.   

Voices of African Decent EIG

The purpose of our Voices of African Descent EIG is to raise awareness about the history, culture and experiences of employees of African heritage, including awareness about health care disparities, and to strengthen connections with Black communities. This EIG offers a space that promotes connections and collective growth and career development and aims to accelerate DEI initiatives at Fresenius Kabi to better attract, develop and engage employees of African heritage and other underrepresented groups.  

Our Women’s VOICE EIG aims to create a more inclusive organization and elevate the voices and contributions of women and their allies at Fresenius Kabi. Women’s VOICE helps raise awareness about workplace barriers for women at all levels, and creates spaces in which, through real conversations about life and career challenges, we can create a more inclusive and equitable environment for everyone.    

The purpose of the Fresenius Kabi PRIDE EIG is to foster LGBTQ+ inclusion by helping educate the organization and creating spaces in which LGBTQ+ employees and their allies can connect, network and develop together. This EIG is also committed to helping Fresenius Kabi better understand health care challenges of this community so we can better support their specific needs.

EIG Asian & Pacific Islanders

Our Alliance of Asians and Pacific Islanders EIG aims to help create a more inclusive environment for our current and prospective Asian and Pacific Islander employees and to contribute to elevating DEI at Fresenius Kabi. This EIG works to increase internal awareness about the wide variety of cultures, values, religions, and beliefs that make up the Asian and Pacific Islander community and add valuable cultural insight to our organization.

Hispanic Latin EIG

Our іHOLA! EIG acts as a center of connection for Hispanic/Latin@ employees, creating a greater sense of community and belonging. Their mission is to create a space for celebrating the contributions and diversity of all Hispanic/Latin@ communities and enriching the culture of our organization by fostering learning, connections, leadership, and collaboration. іHOLA!’s valuable cultural insights will help Fresenius Kabi better understand and respond to the needs of employees, customers and patients.