The Donor Room

The Donor Room

The Donor Room serves a vital purpose in the advancement of transfusion technologies. Unlike typical blood donations intended for patient use, the blood products collected through our Donor Room are used solely for research, making it possible for our research scientists and engineers to develop new innovations and next generation medical devices.

Donor participation is critical throughout each phase of our research beginning with development and proceeding through pre-clinical studies and clinical trials. Without donor participation, we would not be able to develop transfusion-related technologies to provide hospitals, laboratories, and blood donation facilities with the safe and efficient transfusion devices they need.

Donating for Research

The first step towards helping those in need begins with people just like you. If you are considering donating blood, consider donating for research. Your participation is an important means to aid in the development of blood technologies used for a variety of applications, including the treatment of individuals with chronic and acute illnesses.

Every Donation Matters

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Donor Referral Program

Learn About Our Donor Referral Program

We offer a Donor Referral Program to show our appreciation for spreading the word about our facility and the benefits of Donating Blood for Research.

Donor FAQs

Answers to a donor’s most frequently asked questions

The questions in this section provide answers for the most frequently asked questions regarding donating blood for research.

The Donor Room Team

Expert Team, Exceptional Care.

The Donor Room at Fresenius Kabi staffs a team of dedicated nursing professionals experienced in blood center operations. Each donor receives personal care and attention from our nursing staff as they oversee the complete donation process.

To learn more about donating for research at our Lake Zurich, Illinois facility, contact The Donor Room at 847-550-5730 or email us at