COVID-19: An Open Letter

Covid 19 Nurse

A Letter to America’s Health Care Professionals

This is an unprecedented time. A time when it becomes clear that we are all — employees, health care professionals, families, friends, neighbors, and most important, patients — part of a single caring community. That we all play a vital role in the fight against COVID-19. And only by working together will we overcome this new disease. 

The people of Fresenius Kabi are ready. Combining our strengths, experience, and passion is how we work, even in normal times. Today, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the nation’s health care professionals to support their heroic and selfless actions on the front lines of caring for life.  

Many of our products are now being used to treat respiratory conditions and other complications caused by this coronavirus, and we know that in the coming days and weeks we all will be called upon to do much more. That’s why we’re ramping up production of critical injectable medicines across our expanding US manufacturing network. It’s why we’re deploying essential drugs and devices to distribution centers closer to hospitals across the country. And why we’re committed to ensuring that we keep one another safe — in our facilities, in our homes, and in our communities — and that the most vulnerable among us have the support they need. 

Right now, we all might need to stand a few feet further apart, but it is more important than ever to the people of Fresenius Kabi that we stand together. Shoulder to shoulder we can care for the lives of those around us and help to ensure that communities across the country emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.