Freka Trelumina Triple Lumen Nasojejunal Feeding Tube

Freka Trelumina placement video

Freka Trelumina Seldinger placement video

Product Description

  • Triple lumen polyurethane tube suitable for intestinal feeding and gastric decompression/drainage
  • Intestinal: CH/FR 9, ENFit, 150cm
  • Gastric: CH/FR 16, funnel connector, 95cm
  • Pressure regulation lumen
  • Internal diameter: Feeding lumen 1.4mm, Aspiration lumen 4.1mm
  • Pressure regulation lumen 1.2mm

Key Features

  • Tissue compatible polyurethane triple lumen 150cm tube
  • Feeding lumen: Flexible olive tip with 2 lateral outlets ports, open ended
  • Aspiration lumen: Five large outlet ports
  • Automatic pressure regulation lumen
  • Teflon coated guidewire 150cm > Radio-opaque strip along tube length
  • Interval markings every 1cm > Lumen identification marks
  • Pack contains 2 ampoules of MCT oil for lubrication of the tube and guidewire
  • Latex, PVC, DEHP free*

* ISO80369 does not specify requirements for small bore connectors when used for gastric decompression (ISO/FDIS 80369-3:2016E)


The purpose of this special feeding tube is for the feeding, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of critically ill patients for the following indications:

  • Gastric atony
  • Gastric emptying disorder
  • Gastric outlet stenosis

In addition to conducting timely intestinal enteral nutritional treatment, applications which are obligatory for intensive care patients such as:

  • Discharge of gastric juices
  • pH value determination of the gastric juice
  • Early detection and treatment of gastric bleeding can be conducted with this feeding tube


  • nasopharyngeal stenoses
  • serious injuries in the nasal and pharyngeal region
  • severe coagulation disorders

Product and Ordering codes

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Freka Trelumina 1 7981834



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Nasal fixation tape 1 7981907