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Freka Nasogastric Feeding Tube

Product Description

  • CH/FR 8, 80cm
  • External diameter: 2.8mm 
  • Internal diameter: 2.1mm


  • CH/FR 8, 120cm 
  • External diameter: 2.8mm
  • Internal diameter: 2.1mm 


  • CH/FR 10, 120cm
  • External diameter: 3.4mm
  • Internal diameter: 2.2mm


  • CH/FR 12, 120cm
  • External diameter: 3.9mm
  • Internal diameter: 2.9mm


  • ENFit connector 

Key Features

  • Tissue compatible tube made from polyurethane with ENFit Connector and integral cap
  • Spiral guide wire with connection for the injection of radiological contrast medium or lubricating fluid
  • Flexible polyurethane olive tip with 2 openings at the distal tube end
  • 3 radio-opaque strips offering enhanced visibility
  • 1cm interval markings along length of tube
  • Three-piece nasal adhesive tape set for secure tube fixation
  • Tube marked to confirm size, manufacturer and article code
  • Outlet holes in tip to help prevent kinking
  • Latex, PVC, DEHP free


Transnasal tube for enteral feeding

Product and Ordering codes


Pack Size

Product Code

Freka Nasogastric Feeding Tube CH/FR 8, 80cm 1 7981839
Freka Nasogastric Feeding Tube CH/FR 8, 120cm 1 7981840
Freka Nasogastric Feeding Tube CH/FR 10, 120cm 1 7981842
Freka Nasogastric Feeding Tube CH/FR 12, 120cm 1 7981843



Product Name 

Pack Size 

Product Code

Nasal Fixation Tape 1 7981907