Freka GastroTube

Replacement Gastrostomy

Freka GastroTube Placement

Product Description

  • Gastric CH/FR 15
  • ENFit Connector
  • 13cm shaft length
  • External diameter: 5mm    
  • Internal diameter: 3.6mm

Key Features

  • Latex free silicone tube - balloon retention
  • ENFit Connector > Rounded distal opening
  • Long life span balloon
  • Introducer device
  • 10ml luer syringe (for tube inflation only)
  • Tube clamp
  • Radio-opaque ring and strip
  • Latex, PVC, DEHP free


  • long-term intragastric feeding 
  • gastric decompression
  • For use in healed stoma tract


  • Stoma not completely formed and healed
  • Stoma larger or smaller than FR 15 (+/-1FR)

Duration of Use

The Freka GastroTube is designed to have a life span of 6 months. 

Product and Ordering codes


Pack Size 

Product Code

Freka GastroTube 1 7755648



Product Name

Pack Size 

Product Code

ENFit Insert 1 7981367