Freka CH/FR 9 Intestinal Tube for CH/FR 15 PEG

Freka PEGJ Placement Video

Product Description

  • PEG Standard Gastric CH/FR 15, 35cm*
  • Intestinal CH/FR 9, 120cm
  • Double lumen 
  • External diameter: (CH/FR 9) 2.9mm
  • Internal diameter: (CH/FR 9) 1.9mm
  • ENFit connector with funnel connector for decompression 

*This is not included and needs to be purchased separately 

Key Features

  • Tube and accessories (see Freka PEG CH15)
  • Additional radio-opaque polyurethane tube (120cm, CH/FR 9) with teflon coated guidewire, olive tip and 5 lateral exit ports
  • The gastric tube acts as the introducer for the small intestine tube
  • Special connection available, depending on clincial requirements (straight or Y)
  • Interval markings - Gastric tube every 2cm and Intestinal tube every 5cm 
  • Latex, PVC, DEHP free


A. Long-term intestinal feeding for example in:

  • Prolonged coma
  • Gastric outflow obstruction
  • Neurological dysphagia with risk of aspiration
  • Post intestinal stenosis feeding

B. Gastric decompression/ drainage by gravity and simultaneous intestinal feeding in:

  • Impaired gastric emptying

C. Long-term administration of medication


Absolute Contraindications

  • Intestinal obstruction
  • Intestinal atony
  • Peritonitis
  • Sepsis

Relative contraindications

  • Immune suppression
  • Radiation enteritis
  • Pancreatitis
  • Crohn’s disease (risk of a fistula formation)
  • Peritoneal carcinoma

Product and Ordering codes


Pack Size

Product Code

Freka Intestinal Tube (CH/FR 9) to be used with Freka PEG CH/FR 15 1 7755646
PEG Standard Gastric (CH/FR 15, 35cm) 1 7755643




Pack Size 

Product Code

Freka Click Adaptor (ENFit end) 15 7981389
Freka Y Connector  5 7981394