Applix Giving Sets

The Applix®  range has now been discontinued 

Applix® pump set EasyBag 

  • For use with all EasyBag presentation feeds.

Applix® tube clamp.

  • Product code: 7751929

Applix® pump set EasyBag without medication port 

  • For use with all EasyBag presentation feeds, where a medication port is not required

Applix® tube clamp

  • Product code: 7751930

Applix® Y EasyBag set 

  • Also known as Applix® Y Twoline EasyBag set 
  • For use with additional EasyBag or HydroBag
  • Applix® tube clamp
  • Product Code: 7751935

Applix® EasyBag mobile 

  • For use with all EasyBag presentations
  • Applix® tube clamp
  • Product code: 7751996

Applix® pump set Bag reservoir 

  • For use when decanting feed.
  • Applix® tube clamp.
  • Product code: 7751933

Applix® Duoline / pump set Bag Mobile 

  • For use in ambulatory carry packs such as rucksack.
  • Applix® tube clamp.
  • Product code: 7751934

Applix® pump set HydroBag

  • Water reservoir for use with Applix® pump set EasyBag
  • APPLIX® tube clamp.
  • Product code: 7751102

Applix® pump set Varioline 

  • For use with rigid containers
  • Applix® tube clamp
  • ENPlus connection
  • Product code: 7751932

Also available in the Applix® giving set range:

Applix® EasyBag Gravity set

  • For gravity feeding
  • Product code 7751955

EasyBag bolus adapter

  • For bolus feeding directly from the EasyBag.
  • Product code: 7755694

Fresubin® Easybottle Adapter

  • For enteral feeding with the Fresubin® sip feed range
  • Can be attached to the Applix® EasyBag Gravity Set, Applix® pump set, EasyBag and Applix® Y EasyBag set
  • Product Code: 7989923

Applix® Mobility kit standard rucksack

  • For ambulatory use
  • Product code: 775232

Applix® Smart enteral feeding pump

Universal table top stand