​Amika® is an ambulatory volumetric pump intended to be used for administration of fluids through transnasal or percutaneous feeding tubes. Amika® delivers fluids in a continuous mode using a linear peristaltic pumping mechanism.

Amika Enteral Feeding Pump Trouble Shooting

How to use the Amika Enteral Feeding Pump


Designed for more safety 

  • Dedicated enteral giving sets designed with ENPlus and ENLock
  • Latest sensor technology for enhanced detection capability
  • Keypad and Settings Lock functions for a safer use of Amika® by the patient

Intuitive for higher efficiency

  • Graphical symbol-based display for rapid and universal understanding
  • Ergonomic and robust design suitable for hospital and homecare
  • Direct access to main functions to optimize workflow

Convenient for better comfort

  • Silent operating
  • Compact design and long battery life for high mobility
  • Multiple possibilities of pump settings to adapt to all environments
  • Versatile pump holder usable with a wide range of supports

The signs/names marked with ® are registered trademarks of the Fresenius Group in selected countries.

Technical Data

The below information is relevant for Amika version 2.3

  • Linear peristaltic pump technology
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 138 x 128 x 46 mm
  • Battery life: 24 h at 125 mL/h
  • Weight: 610 g
  • Flow rate accuracy: ± 5 % at 125mL/h
  • Flow rate range: 1 - 600 mL/h
  • Program volume range: 1 - 5000 mL
  • Priming: automatic and semi-automatic
  • History: 500 events
  • Water proofness:
    • Pump: IP35
    • Pump Holder: IP32


Quality & Regulatory Affairs

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