Transparency Initiative​​

Transparency Initiative​​

At Fresenius Kabi we care for the life of patients worldwide. To fulfill our commitment to benefit critically and chronically ill patients, collaborating with Healthcare Professionals, hospitals and patient organisations is essential. These partnerships are not only required to develop products that best meet clinical needs. Healthcare Professionals are provided with the necessary expertise and education to be able to safely and effectively use our drugs and medical devices. In supporting medical research and education Fresenius Kabi contributes to patient safety and increased access to new technologies and services.

We expect transparency, accountability and high ethical standards from ourselves – and our stakeholders expect the same from us. Their trust is rewarded by acting with utmost integrity and responsibility. We believe that transparency is key to safeguard the integrity of these partnerships to the public and remain trusted.

Being member of various industry associations in the countries we are operating in, we have committed ourselves to disclose certain value transfers to Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Organizations and selected patient care organizations in these countries.

In each such interaction, we respect the obligation of Healthcare Professionals to make independent treatment decisions.


Please see below for the Fresenius Health Care Group Pension Scheme, Statement of Investment Principles - September 2020

Please see below for the Fresenius Kabi Enagagement Policy Implementation Statement 2020

HCP / HCO Disclosure Values 2019

Please see below for the HCP / HCP Disclosure Values for 2019 

Fresenius Kabi Limited and Calea UK Limited 2020 Patient Organisations Disclosure Report

We believe that being transparent about our support for patient groups helps to build trust with our stakeholders. During 2020 we provide support to numerous patient organisations. To read the full report click here

Fresenius Kabi Limited and Calea UK Limited Methodological Notes for Reporting 2020

As a member of EFPIA and in accordance with ABPI requirements, Fresenius Kabi Limited and Calea UK Limited ensure that the nature and scope of any transfers of value with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations are clear and transparent. To read the full report click here

Methodological note for 2020 Healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations transfers of value disclosure.  Disaggregated disclosure can be found on Disclosure Search (

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