Our employees

We strive to attract and retain highly motivated, committed and performance driven employees as they are the key for our success at Fresenius Kabi. The skills, knowledge and talent of our employees are the core assets of our company. Our success depends on the performance and dedication of all our employees globally.

Our compensation concept, diversity, global approach as well as our challenging and demanding tasks are the basis of our employer attractiveness.

Our Compensation Concept

The compensation and benefits approach are linked to the performance of our employees and create an incentive for personal growth and development.

Our performance-based compensation policy is designed to

  • support a diverse and performance-oriented culture that allows Fresenius Kabi to reward dedication
  • be market competitive with industry peers
  • foster a culture of honesty and integrity

Different benefits are an integral part of our total compensation policy and are aligned with local legislation and practices in each country. Regular benchmarking studies against global standards are carried out to ensure an attractive and up-to-date setup of our benefits and rewards.







Our Global Approach

Diversity and global competences are the cornerstones of what defines our global approach.

The Value of Diversity

We value a culture of diversity - the knowledge, experience and commitment of our employees are critical to our success Thanks to our global presence, our employees bring diverse backgrounds, experience and knowledge with them. We value diversity as an asset to our business that reflects the various markets in which we operate. By fostering a culture of diversity, teamwork and international collaboration, we promote interaction across functions, geographies, and hierarchies.

The interplay of a wide range of views, opinions, cultural backgrounds, and experiences helps us to achieve our full potential and contributes to our success.

Global Competencies

We strive to ensure that the skills and talents of all employees are fully valued and utilized. Therefore, the global leadership principles and competencies by which we assess our managers are based on our values. Our actions are guided by the knowledge that we can only remain competitive by adapting to changing global conditions.

Diversity at Fresenius Kabi

We are offering equal opportunities for all employees regardless of race, ancestry, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, citizenship, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by law. We value the contribution of all employees in our secure, productive, respectful, safe and non-discriminatory workplace. At Fresenius Kabi discrimination is not tolerated either in the workplace or in the recruiting process.