Today marks the start of this years Home Artificial Nutrition week!

August 3, 2020

Together with PINNT, Fresenius Kabi and Calea continue to raise awareness of home artificial nutrition and how it supports patients in their own home.

What is home artificial nutrition?

Home artificial nutrition allows patients who require enteral or parenteral nutrition to be discharged from hospital and receive the supply and/or administration of their clinical nutrition therapy in the comfort of their own home.

Home artificial nutrition can be given to infants, children and adults.

What is artificial nutrition?

Artificial nutrition allows people to receive nutrition when they are not able to receive their foods and fluid orally to maintain a healthy weight. 

Artificial nutrition can be given by enteral nutrition using oral nutritional supplements, or enteral formulae via a nasogastric or jejunal feeding tubes or it can be given intravenously directly into the bloodstream. 

How do Fresenius Kabi and Calea support patients who receive home artificial nutrition?

Fresenius Kabi and Calea have over 30 years providing home artificial nutrition to patients in their own home.

We have a dedicated award winning nursing service who are specialised in both enteral and parenteral nutrition. They support patients in the community, the team assist patients with connecting and disconnecting their feed and can provide training to both patient and carer depending on the circumstances to allow them to become more independent.

For patients who require enteral nutrition we have a range of support tools including  Fresubin oral nutritional supplement recipes and  patient exercises to ensure they keep up their balance, strength and flexibility.

We also have a dedicated patient services team who provide advice from answering queries and to ongoing support.