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Fresubin 3.2kcal Drink is a high protein ONS with 20g of a unique protein blend containing collagen hydrolysate. It contains the minimum effective dose of 400kcal in one bottle, as it contains 3.2kcal per ml; and is high in Vitamin D (100% RNI).1

Collagen hydrolysate is associated with improved healing time, and tissue repair, together with improved body composition (fat-free mass) and muscle strength when combined with resistance exercise in sarcopenic patients.2,3 This can help patients heal after treatments and surgeries and prevent falls and fractures. For these reasons, collagen hydrolysate makes up to 80% of the protein in Fresubin 3.2kcal Drink.

High protein ONS have been shown to reduce length of stay in hospital by up to 3.8 days and reduce complications and hospital re-admissions by up to 30%.4

Supplemental vitamin D is associated with improved muscle strength and function and helps to prevent fractures and falls.5,6

Fresubin 3.2kcal Drink is available in Vanilla-Caramel, Mango and Hazelnut flavours helping to prevent taste fatigue with 100% of patients giving a positive response to taste.This, combined with the low volume, and high energy density helps to stimulate intake and improve patient compliance.8-11   

Targeted nutritional support


A unique product for tough journeys 

Cancer patients are at a higher risk of malnutrition than the rest of the population. This can have a negative influence on the effectiveness of cancer treatments and a patient's strength, recovery and quality of life. 

The frail and elderly 

A unique product for the fight ahead 

1.3 million people over the age of 65 are affected by malnutrition. For the frail and elderly, malnutrition can put already vulnerable lives at risk. Loss of appetite can be a large contributing factor to the malnutrition of your elderly patients. 

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