Aminoven® Infant 10%

Aminoven® Infant 10%

Amino acid solution for parenteral nutrition of pediatric patients


  • Well-balanced amino acid pattern specifically designed for infants
  • Contains 52% essential amino acids and 30% branched chain amino acids
  • Without electrolytes and carbohydrates
  • Contains taurine, an essential amino acid for neonates

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  • Meet the special amino acid requirements of neonates
  • Special amino acid that meet the metabolic demands for branch chain amino acid, tyrosin and cysteine
  • Well-balanced mixture of essential and non-essential amino acids
  • A broad range of mixing data available on request
  • reduce the amount of phenylalanine and methionine
  • supplies taurine
  • Important for many physiological process as CNS development, modulation of calcuim flux, essential for retinal development and enhance of bile acid and bile flow


  • Amino acid solution for parenteral nutrition of infants
  • The amino acid (AA) content is 100 g/l
  • The nitrogen (N) content is 14.9 g/l


  • 10% amino acid solution for partial parenteral nutrition of infants (preterm and newborns, babies) and young children
  • Together with corresponding amounts of carbohydrates and fat as energy donors, vitamins, electrolytes and trace elements, the solution may serve for total parenteral nutrition

Packaging / Dosage


Glass bottles 100 ml, 250 ml

Dosage / Administration:

Please refer to the nationally registered and approved "Product Information".

Product Information

If you require any information, please contact Egypt office.

Please refer to the registered and approved SmPC. ​


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