Rocuronium Kabi

Rocuronium Bromid Kabi

Rocuronium Bromid Kabi - a muscle relaxant for intravenous injection or infusion


​Rocuronium Kabi is the drug of choice for muscle relaxation during rapid sequence induction because of its fast onset similar to suxamethonium. It offers flexibility in usage and patient groups, and superior safety (less histamine release, better haemodynamical stability). Rocuronium Kabi is an excellent partner for combination with our world-leading intravenous general anaesthetic propofol.

  • Fast onset of muscle relaxation
  • Improved haemodynamic profile
  • Less histamine release than atracurium
  • Excellent partner for combination with propofol


​Rocuronium Kabi 10 mg/ml solution for injection or infusion


Strengths Packaging Pack size*
50 mg/5 ml 5 ml colourless glass vials 10

* Not all pack sizes may be marketed

Product Information

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