Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disease characterized by a disturbance in glucose metabolism. Insulin, a hormone which is necessary for glucose metabolism (transport of glucose from the bloodstream into the cells), is either not produced at all by the body or is not produced in sufficient quantities. Moreover, the effective use of insulin can be reduced in diabetics. Consequently, the availability of a very important energy source for the cells -glucose- is reduced.

This disturbance in glucose metabolism leads to unfavorably increased or decreased glucose concentrations in the blood. Furthermore, alterations in the metabolism of fat and protein occur. The primary goal in nutrition therapy is to achieve a well-balanced glucose concentration in the blood in order to prevent acute (e.g. so-called coma diabeticum) and long-term complications (e.g. microvascular complications in the retina, kidneys, and peripheral nerves). In addition, the achievement of optimal blood lipid levels is important to avoid adverse cardiovascular effects.

Fresenius Kabi offers tube and sip feedings designed according to current scientific knowledge to meet the specific requirement of diabetics and to prevent acute and long-term complications.