Propofol 1 and 2 MCT Fresenius

Propofol 1% and 2% MCT Fresenius

Propofol 1% and 2% MCT Fresenius - Highly effective short acting hypnotic with an improved lipid component


  • Less pain on injection
  • Rapid onset of action
  • Short duration of effect due to rapid metabolism and elimination
  • Early recovery from anaesthesia with early and complete awakening
  • Less PONV compared to volatile anaesthetics
  • Over a billion propofol-based anaesthetics performed to date worldwide.1

PONV = Post-operative nausea and vomiting
1 IMS statistic annual book, Wiesbaden 2005


Strengths Packaging Pack size*
200 mg/20 ml 20 ml glass ampoule 5
1000 mg/50 ml 50 ml glass vials 1

* Not all pack sizes may be marketed

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