Storage/Freezing Solutions

For freezing, storage, and washing of red blood cell components 

We distribute solutions used in freezing, thawing and washing of red blood cells (RBCs), that are used in specialized, critical situations to treat our military personnel and provide RBCs to patients with rare blood types.

  • Buffered Glycerolyte freezing solutions are offered in 400 mL and 500 mL glass bottles
  • Wash solutions are offered in 0.9%, 1.6%, and 12% Sodium Chloride (the 0.9% Sodium Chloride solution includes 0.2% Dextrose)
  • Wash solutions are offered in flexible, PVC plastic containers with heat stamped label for full visibility to the solution
  • Sterile, non-pyrogenic solutions

Download Storage/Freezing Solutions information sheet


Refer to the Instructions for Use for a complete list of warnings and precautions associated with the use of these products.